Thursday, 30 September 2010

Mobile phone improvements

Another "laughable" post (to put it bluntly!) so I'm sure you'll all be cracking up by the time you've read to the end...

Now, I'm not going to moan a lot about how terrible modern mobile phones are, and how rude everyone who dares actually to use one is...  Because that's simply not true - I actually rather like mobile phones, I think they're a good thing, I don't even mind people using them!  And I'm also most impressed with how they have been improving lately - the advancements in mobile phone technology over the past few years are actually quite remarkable...

However, there is one thing which has been a major problem with mobile phones, for as long as I can remember...  (And it's not the direct correlation between IQ level, and ringtone selection, which I still maintain exists!)

Despite the fact that I can now post to this Blog while I'm sitting in a layby on the A11 (aren't you glad?!) and update my Facebook status while I'm in a lift, I still have to suffer every audio device within three miles setting up a rumpus every time I use my phone!

Why is this?  Why hasn't this cacophonous irritation been removed from our lives yet?

I think that all mobile phone companies need to put on hold all their development of new products, and all their research into new ideas, until they have figured out how people can receive text messages without their radio-alarm-clocks going buh-ba-duh! buh-ba-duh! buh-ba-duh! buh-ba-duh! the whole time!

Don't you?

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