Friday, 25 September 2009

First post...

Well, how many blogs start off like this? Quite a few, I should imagine...
Something along the lines of - "hi, I'm Kit, this is my blog; it gives you my narrow and distorted viewpoint on a seemingly unfeeling world, plus all you need to know about my pizza topping preferences and favourite minor celebrities, hope you enjoy it!"

Well, that's all well and good, but how's this for a change?
Something like - "hi, I'm Kit, this is my manifesto for world leader; it tells you all about how I plan to improve your life with handy time-saving initiatives like just-don't-bother and do-it-later and how the trees and plants may look pretty, but they're actually all part of an evil conspiracy planning to end human dominance of Planet Earth for good by the year 2020!"

(All nonsense, of course... But if you stick with this blog, that's what you can come to expect!)

So, I should probably tell you a bit about myself... If you've navigated here from my website ( as is likely, you probably know as much as anybody needs or wants to about me... But just in case you happened to miss it, or have ended up here by accident, I'm a professional musician - principally a drummer and percussionist, although I also play the piano - and I live in near Norwich, in Norfolk... I like red onions, and cheesecakes (although never at the same time!) and I drink far too much coffee... I shout at the TV screen when the adverts come on, because they're all so, so very annoying, and I use too many commas when I write, apparently!

Anyhow, I'm rambling now (a dreadful, yet unshakable, habit) so I'll let you go about your daily business, which, I dare say, is far more important than mine... Check back here every so often, to find out what I'm thinking, have a laugh, pass the time, or annoy your friends, family or colleagues with some of the most dull "reading aloud" material possible! See y'around...! ;)

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