Monday, 2 January 2012

Off to a good start...

My plan was to write a new Blog post on 1st January 2012, talking to people about new beginnings, and outlining a few New Year's resolutions of my own.  Well, it's now the 2nd of January, and only half-an-hour away from being the 3rd, so that's hardly an auspicious start, is it?  Nevertheless, I shall press on...

My New Year's Resolutions run as follows:

  • I am going to write my Blog more regularly and more frequently.  (That one's going well already!)  And I'm going to include more diverse material - more "serious" stuff (about work) and analysis/reviews of things, as well as the usual whimsy.
  • I am going to practise more.  And I'm talking about actual, proper practice - working on my technique, playing scales, learning things that I actually want to learn - not just learning the tracks I have to learn for whatever gigs or sessions I have coming up.
  • I should like to do more piano gigs.  I love doing drumkit/percussion work, of course, but I would really like to start doing more regular gigs on piano/keyboards as well.  (You - yes, you - can help with this resolution, by hiring me for keyboard gigs!  Email me for for more information.)
  • I am hoping to read more books.  I used to be an avid reader, but in recent years this has slipped, and I regret it.  Literature is hugely important, and I intent to reverse this trend over 2012.
  • I will try to write more jokes.  I'm sure you're probably groaning at the thought, just from reading that - but I mean it.  I love comedy, and I wish I were able to be more involved it.  My one-liners and puns on Twitter are really my only decent outlet for this interest, so I hope I shall be able to make more of it.
  • I will go to more comedy gigs.  Related to the previous point, of course - as I said, I love comedy, and I enjoy going to see comedians perform live.  In 2012, I shall make a point of making more time for this hobby.

So, there y'go!  Let's hope I can stick to these, and possibly revisit the subject during the year, to see how the Resolutions are progressing.