Monday, 28 September 2009

Regular blogging?

I think the idea is that I post here every day, or just about... Of course, something worth blogging about doesn't happen every day, but most of the time I can normally find something mundane to woffle on about...

Yesterday, I had planned to go to the National Drum Fair in Birmingham, but decided not to at the last minute, because I didn't feel like traveling all that way, or spending loads of money... So I spent the day giving my website a facelift... You've probably seen the results of that already - if not, have a look here and let me know what you think! It's not hugely different - just a slightly cleaner look, in my opinion - but those few small changes took hours to implement! Yes, literally hours...

So, apart from that, I played the piano for a while, and watched the Singapore Grand Prix, and that was Sunday...

Today? Well, who knows what's going to happen, eh?! It's only just gone half-past ten, we've hours of time ahead of us... I know that, at some point, I'll be teaching drumkit in the evening... Other than that, probably more practice, looking after the dog, watching TV, having lunch, and other reasonably normal but unexciting things like that!

Hopefully tomorrow, or the next day, I'll be able to write about something more worth reading about... (If that made any sense?!)

See ya later! ;)

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