Saturday, 26 September 2009

Apple Store, Norwich

I was up early today for all the full frontal geekery of queuing for an hour to get into the new Apple Store in Chapelfield, Norwich, and claim my free t-shirt as one of the first thousand people through the doors at the "Grand Opening"...

The whole affair was an orgy of corporate-based partying... Before the opening itself, all the Apple Store employees ran down the enormous queue "high-fiving" the anxiously waiting Apple fans, and as the huge glass doors slid open, there was clapping, cheering, screaming, chants of "Apple! Apple! Apple!" and - the reason we were all there - the giving out of free t-shirts! (All "large" size, unfortunately...)

Inside the shop itself, there were untold expensive wonders... I was tempted by a nice new leather case for my iPod Classic - until I saw the price was £75! Anyone hoping for a plethora of Opening Day Discounts (as I had been) would've been disappointed... But, anyone hoping for a great range of Apple products and accessories on display, available to try, with friendly, helpful staff on hand to offer explanations or answer questions (as I had also been) would've got their wish...

Apple had really tried hard to create a "carnival" atmosphere for the whole thing - the music, the whooping, the high-fives, the smiles, the cheers - and in general it felt slightly mad, very nerdy, and great fun!

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