Wednesday, 26 January 2011

BBC Radio 1 - seriously, just shut up!

Having no iPod connector in my car for two weeks has forced me to listen to the radio again - something I haven't done since the days when I got the bus to school every morning, and the bus driver chose which radio station we all had to listen to…

So, picking up where I left off nearly six years ago, I am, once again, a Radio 1 listener…  And yes, it's every bit as terrible as I remember its being!

Music…  Isn't that the main point of Radio 1?  Well, I thought so - but, there simply isn't enough of it!  I am only listening to the radio because I can't listen to my iPod - I want to hear songs, for heaven's sake!  There is far too much air-time spent on non-music activities, and that annoys me…

I don't want to hear the presenters' thoughts on the last track they played - I can make up my own mind!  I don't want to hear them playing childish word games and larking around in the studio - if that's what I wanted to listen to when I was in my car, I'd offer my teenage sister and her friends a lift to college!

And I certainly don't need to be subjected to the views of other "members of the public"…!

They'll play a track by, say, Lady GaGa…  Then at the end of the song, it'll be "and we've had a lot of texts coming in from you about that song…  Jacqui in Devon says she loves Lady GaGa - but Algernon from Clydemouth says he finds Lady GaGa nauseating…  And Juan - listening to us online, all the way from sunny Cadiz - is certain that it's actually pronounced 'Lardy GaGa' - thanks Juan!"


So, Radio DJs - less talking, more music!  And that goes for all radio stations I've tried…  There are radio stations which don't play music, and which are dedicated to talking shows, and that's great…  But for a station like Radio 1, which presents itself first-and-foremost as a "music station" - "playing the best in new music" - the ratio needs to change dramatically!

Oh, and one more thing…  Is it just me, or do all the DJs on Radio 1 sound the same?  They all have the same voice!  I'm sure that the BBC just hires one male DJ and one female DJ, and then they have to be all the different "characters" presenting the different radio shows throughout the day…  (They can't get much sleep, either, I'm thinking!)


Kayleigh said...

Welcome to BBC Radio.......although I admit they talk too much (Learn to stop at a punchline Moyles...) it is so much more refreshing to hear somebody actually talking about something rather than the amount of commercial stations reeling off the same 5 phrases.

I dare you to listen to a day of Capital and tell me, despite it's higher frequency of music, it's a better station... ;)

Jas said...

Over here all of the DJ's on-air time (and pay) are cut in favor of allotting more time for commercials. So now it's 1/4 music, 1/4 DJ talk, and 1/2 advertisements. The FM band stinks!

Emmy said...

I have the same problem. The hook-up for my ipod in my car is broken so I've been listening to radio. UGH. I've found one that I somewhat like because it has a good mix of music, and on occasion they'll do blocks of music without people talking. But last weekend I broke down and burned a bunch of CDs off of my laptop. So now I'm "old school" and listening to mix CDs.

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