Sunday, 14 August 2011

Sandwich review: British Beef and Stilton, from Tesco "Finest" range

Having not seen this on the shelves before, I can only assume that this is a relatively new product for Tesco.  The recipe (sliced Beef, Stilton cheese, caramelised onion chutney, and green salad, in wholemeal bread) is identical to that of a sandwich that Waitrose have been selling for some time.  I have enjoyed Waitrose' version on a number of occasions, so I was interested to see how this one from Tesco would stack up.

Having identical components, the two sandwiches are very similar.  The combination of the Stilton and the green salad is always a pleasant surprise.  I was, as I had said, eager to see whether the Tesco sandwich would be as good as the Waitrose one - and I was pleased to discover that, on the whole, it was.  The only area where the Tesco sandwich loses out to its Waitrose counterpart is in the matter of the caramelised onion chutney - Waitrose' sandwich uses better quality, and therefore more flavoursome, onion chutney, which gives a slightly tangier edge.  Whilst there was nothing wrong with Tesco's onion chutney, it was a touch blander than I had perhaps been used to.

Having begun two paragraphs with the word "having", I will now begin a third in like fashion.  On the subject of price, the Tesco sandwich cost £2.50.  It is a little while, now, since I have indulged in the Waitrose variety, and therefore I cannot remember how much it cost.  I would imagine it to be a little more expensive than the Tesco one, but I have no evidence with which to back up this assumption.  However, I did not think £2.50 an unreasonable price, for the Tesco sandwich.

Overall, I enjoyed the Tesco sandwich - the minor issue of the caramelised onion chutney aside, I thought it was a jolly good effort by the Tesco Sandwich Chaps.  I would definitely eat this sandwich again.

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Anonymous said...

I am currently right in the middle of the US (Minnesota) and have been here for almost exactly 1 year now – I have just developed a sudden and overwhelming urge for the Tesco Roast Beef and Stilton sandwich and saw your blog entry about this.

I am almost drooling remembering how nice this stated. Can you post me some Stilton cheese and chutney? :-)

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