Monday, 4 June 2012

Sandwich review: Tesco British Hog Roast

Today I am reviewing a sandwich from Tesco's limited edition "patriotic" range, brought out to celebrate the Queen's Diamond Jubilee, and identifiable by its garish packaging.

The official description for this sandwich is:
White bread, cooked and flash roast pork, apple and Kentish cider chutney, mayonnaise and pork stuffing.
This is typically Tesco.  Just like their Tandoori Chicken sandwich, which I reviewed a month ago, this sandwich has a promising recipe, and looks to be an excellent concept all-round - however, it is let down by the execution, and fails to live up to the tantalising description.

The pork meat is dry.  In fact, the whole sandwich is dry overall, and would definitely benefit from an extra dollop or three of that apple and Kentish cider chutney.

Extra chutney would be a good thing in more ways than one, actually - as well as keeping the sandwich from becoming too dry, the chutney seemed to me like a very good filling ingredient in its own right.  The idea of it intrigued me, and I was looking forward to trying it, so I was very disappointed, in the end, to be given so little of it to taste.

On the other hand, I was confused and bewildered by the inclusion of mayonnaise.  I don't feel that mayonnaise adds anything to this sandwich - it is not an integral part of the recipe, and doesn't quite seem to fit with the other ingredients in the filling.  I'm never keen on the addition of mayonnaise, simply for the sake of it, in sandwich recipes, and this instance seems to epitomise this.  Who has mayonnaise with a hog roast?!

Overall, I would say I was disappointed in this sandwich.  I love the idea, and I was looking forward to eating it, but Tesco's poor execution has once again spoiled what ought to have been a very enjoyable sandwich.  I would not buy this sandwich again.

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