Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Some observations from England vs. Poland

After an unremarkable game of football this evening, here are a few comments, questions, and general remarks...

The mohican is back for real, in English football - for (I think) the first time David Beckham in 2001/02 - with Ashley Cole, Tom Cleverley and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain all sporting those strange kind of mini-mohican hairstyles that don't really announce themselves until you're right close up, instead giving the appearance, from afar, that one's head is slightly triangular.

On the topic (kind-of) of Ashley Cole, why does his shirt still say "A. Cole" on the back, now that he's the only player named Cole in the squad?

The referee was dressed as an England player.  I thought it was traditional for the referee to wear a colour different from either team?  For some reason, the referee was wearing the same blue colours as all the England team - I'm surprised they didn't start passing to him!

If it comes to that, why were England playing in blue?  What does the colour blue have to do with England?

The Polish midfielder Obraniak rather sounds like he could be a mad Irish scientist - Professor O'Brainiac.  Just a thought.

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