Thursday, 3 April 2014


"They should refund the fans after that!"  No, they shouldn't.

I don't know how many times I've heard that said, now.  Disgruntled football fans, unhappy with their team's performance, annoyed at having spent their money to go to the games, and buy tickets, demanding that the club and/or the players reimburse them.  However, it baffles me why fans think they are entitled to this - I just don't see the logic to it!

You're not paying your money for the match result.  You pay to go to the game, and support your team - even if they lose, you've still done that.  To demand a refund after a negative result implies that you were expecting a positive one; that's not how sport is supposed to work.

They whole point of a sporting event (like a football match) is that it's competitive - both teams are trying to win, and those watching the game don't know what the result will be until the very end.  It's the very fact that you don't know who will win, and that there are high points and low points, thrills and disappointments, which makes supporting a football team so exciting and addictive.

Yes, everyone is gutted when a team underperforms, or don't get the result they need - but to start demanding your money back afterwards just seems (to me, at least) slightly petulant.  If you want guaranteed entertainment every time, try buying tickets to a West End show instead.

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