Tuesday, 22 July 2014

A true friend

Things like this crop up in my Facebook feed from time-to-time. I hate them.

The trouble is, all those things (being broke, being a a bitch, etc.) are 'who you are'!  Or, at least, are a part of 'who you are'.  The idea that you can separate out 'who you are' from all the things you do and say and the events of your past is ludicrous.

No, the purpose of posts like this on the internet is to make the person posting them feel better about his or her own life - to say to people: "hey, if you have a problem with the way I behave, that's your fault for not being a 'true friend', and not accepting me for who I am - not my fault for being a selfish, inconsiderate, unhygienic, narcissistic knob-end! Besides, I may have all these flaws, but that's not really 'who I am', is it?"  Rubbish.

Kind-of related… I played on this track:

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