Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Tellyrant Two

Something that's very irritating about commercial television is the type of advert which tries to make out that the product it's advertising is more exciting than it actually is...

You know the type... But because I'm supposed to fill up this space with my "thoughts" I'll give some examples anyway...!

Sensodyne Iso-Active, with that annoying woman talking, going on and on and on and on and on... Her over-enthusiasm is so obviously fake, and the kind of things she says make me want to try the product even less! "I'm excited about trying new things" - yeah, so are lots of people, but I doubt they mean toothpastes when they say that! Like anyone's going to leave the theatre early saying "I'm sorry, but I really want to get home - I'm so psyched about trying this exciting new toothpaste!" or anything like that...?! And then she says "it's like, where is the product going wrong? Nowhere!" Well, they certainly went wrong when they commissioned that advert...!

OK, another example... Perhaps it's the obvious one, but the whole Kellogg's Crunchy Nut series of ads aren't even bordering on the ridiculous - they've sped right through the ridiculous and across the border on the other side without even stopping for Customs, and are now in some Land of Truly Unbelievable Stupidity... According to the advert, it's "Ludicrously Tasty" - such shoddy work, whoever came up with that must've been ludicrously hasty! [groan] In a hurry to rush home from work, perhaps, to have a lovely supper of cereal and milk...? Only to get up in the middle of the night to snack on more cereal and milk, this time straight out of the garishly branded box? Yeah right! Nobody, and I mean NOBODY, is that crazy about a BREAKFAST FREAKIN' CEREAL! Another product I avoid...

I think that's enough ranting for now... Tellyrants will continue, of course, as there are many more forms of irritating adverts out there, just waiting to be slandered on a small-time blogular in the middle of Cybershire... Fab-yew-lous!


swansong said...

Mate, you read my mind! The Sensodyne Iso-Active advert must be the most annoying and off-putting advert of TV (ever!). That woman is so annoying that I just had to google this to see if anyone else was equally annoyed by it/her - good to know I'm not alone! Worst thing is I one is my co-workers is just like her... God, these girls sound stupid. I want to make a formal complaint to some general stupidity watchdog or something (any ideas?)

Anonymous said...

I like crunchy nut... but not that much. Honey waffles are better. What's also funny is how they feel the need to steal a small box of CN each, when they could surely just take a big box and call a 'staff meeting'.. they only have one bowl each anyway :-/

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