Wednesday, 7 October 2009

A Twitter Thought

You know when you've "made it" on Twitter - when you've become an online big guy, when you've hit the cyber big time, etc...

All the celebrities on Twitter are the people who have more people following them than they themselves follow...

"People who follow Parasite Luncheon - 12,884 / People Parasite Luncheon is following - 63"

Parasite Luncheon is my fictitious heavy metal band, and yep, they're definitely huge stars... They have a pretty impressive Follower-to-Followee Ratio!

On the other hand...
"People who follow Dan von Schtickfellau - 18 / People Dan von Schtickfellau is following - 278"

Sorry, but I'm afraid Dan is a nobody! His Follower-to-Followee Ratio sucks, and he probably has very little of interest to say...

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See y'around!

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