Friday, 27 November 2009

Cash Machines

Here's something which came up the other day...  When you take cash out of a bank account using an ATM, it asks you whether you want an "advice slip" with your cash...  Now, I've never said yes to this, so I wonder what advice it gives you - is it advising you on how to spend the money you've just taken out?

"Hmm, those trainers look a bit worn, so I'd start of by getting some new shoes, and then, ohh, it's nearly six o'clock, you must be getting hungry - there's a nice Thai restaurant not too far from here which is excellent value-for-money..."

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Sam said...

el oh el.

Our ATMs don't ask if you'd like an "advice slip", but they ask if you'd like a receipt. Or is it something else? Hm. Now I can't remember. Whatever it is, it makes sense :)

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