Friday, 18 May 2012

A quick note on Grant Holt's #NCFC Transfer Request

Today, it emerged that Norwich City Football Club striker Grant Holt had put in a transfer request to the club, which was subsequently rejected.  As a Norwich City fan, I'd like to say a word of warning to other fans, who are probably just as shocked and worried by this news as I am...

At present, very few people know what is behind this surprise move.  It is hard to imagine a player wanting to leave a club whose profile has been raised almost beyond recognition in the past few years - a club where he has been the top scorer for three consecutive seasons, and where he is adored (idolised, even?) by the fans and players alike.  For these reasons, it's hard to make any kind of judgements about this bizarre situations - and it would certainly be advisable not to jump to any conclusions.

What worries me most of all, though, is some of the comments from Norwich "fans" about this situation, which are now emerging on Twitter and on Facebook.  I am shocked at how quick some people have been to turn on Holt, and at the vitriol of some of the comments directed towards him.

Personally, I would urge Norwich fans to show some restraint.  Nobody understands this sudden move, and I am just as saddened by it as the next Canaries fan - believe me! - but are we showing ourselves, and our club, in the best light by such tribalism?

This is clearly a very strange sequence of events.  I hope very much that Holt will stay.  He has been a huge part of Norwich City Football Club for the last couple of seasons, and I would love to see that continue.  Some of these comments are hardly the kind of talk that's likely to make someone want to stick around, though, are they?

These past few years have been amazing for all of us.  This has been a fantastic time to be a Norwich City fan; back-to-back promotions, followed by Premier League survival, has been the stuff of dreams.  We have surprised and impressed everyone with our performance in Premiership this season, and have raised the profile and reputation of our club almost immeasurably - surely the worst thing we can do is to undermine all that hard work now, by having a little temper-tantrum over this Transfer Request business?

Having impressed the world of English Football so favourably over the past few months, and with a second season in the Premier League to consider already, we can't afford to sour the image of our club by becoming angry and embittered with our top striker, before we're even aware of all the facts.

So, although I completely understand the feelings of confusion and hurt that some fans are experiencing right now, I would appeal to their rational side instead; this has been the most incredible season for us, and the success the club has experienced recently has been fully deserved - please, please don't spoil all that now!

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