Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Sandwich Review: BLT, from Morrison's "The Best" range

The official description for this sandwich is:
British sweetcure streaky bacon with vine ripened tomato, slow roast tomato mayonnaise and salad leaves on malted wholegrain bread.
I enjoyed this sandwich.  To name it "the best" is perhaps a little presumptuous - but the overstated moniker aside, it was a triumph of taste and flavour; the bacon was succulent and flavoursome, and the salad crisp and fresh.

What I was most impressed with, though, was the "slow roast tomato mayonnaise" - this dressing was, in all honesty, the highlight of the sandwich for me.  Although the addition of roasted tomatoes into the mayonnaise gave it a flavour of its own, this managed not to take anything away from the balance between the main components of the sandwich filling, but instead added to the overall combination of tastes.  It has long been my opinion that dressings can make or break a salad - both in terms of taste (too bland) and texture (too greasy, too runny, etc.) - but this dressing has certainly made the sandwich for me.

However, despite having enjoyed the sandwich, I had a few gripes with the way it was packaged.  Ostensibly, there is nothing wrong with the green cardboard box the sandwich comes it, nor the little window of clear plastic that lets you see what you'll shortly be devouring - but sadly, this packaging ended up really irritating me.

Y'see, this is one of those sandwich packets which opens backwards - it splits in the middle, down the "spine" of the triangular cardboard packet, and makes it rather difficult actually to access your sandwich.  Here is a picture of the packet once open, from the back, to illustrate what I'm saying -

Once you have split the package down the middle, and opened it slightly with your hands, the two halves of the sandwich contained within divide, and start to lean over in opposite directions.  The result of this is that they end up "hiding" from you, inside the two bits of cardboard which are left once the middle strip has been removed, and are consequently very difficult to get at.  This is obviously quite an annoyance, and is made even more so by the fact that, once you can actually get to it, this sandwich is very tasty indeed.

In conclusion, therefore, I would certainly be tempted to buy this sandwich again.  I very much enjoyed eating it, and would be happy for it to be a staple part of my diet.  I would hope, however, that the packaging is soon redesigned, as the idea of having to grapple with that every time I fancy a delicious BLT from my local Morrison's is not a very savoury one.

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