Thursday, 6 September 2012

An open letter to the designers of public toilet cubicles

Dear toilet cubicle designers,

I know space-saving is key, as one of the most oft-heard complaints about public venues (whether for entertainments, arts, sports, education, or anything else) is that there are insufficient toilet facilities available, and cramming more and more (ever-smaller) cubicles into the allotted space seems to address this.

However, please - and this is very important - please ensure that there is sufficient space to open and close the toilet cubicle door once inside.

Let me show you what I mean.  Here is an example of a good cubicle:

Do you see how there is plenty of space between the toilet bowl and the swing of the door, where a person can comfortably stand as they open and close the door?

Now take a look at a bad cubicle:

Where can one stand, when opening or closing the door?  The only option is to stand on the toilet.  Ridiculous!

So please, save space where you can - but do remember that this little strip of standing space is an essential component of toilet cubicle design, not a luxury.

Many thanks,
Kit Marsden

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