Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sandwich review: Chicken, cheese & bacon club with mustard mayo & salad on white bread by Sainsbury's

The official description for this sandwich is:
"Succulent British chicken breast, maple cured bacon with tangy, mature Cheddar, and served with cucumber, juicy vine-ripened tomatoes & crisp lettuce"
A pleasing recipe, overall, with lots of elements guaranteed to fit right in together.  In particular, the balance between the chicken and the bacon was good, and neither overpowered the other - while the mustard mayonnaise actually did have a mustard flavour to it, and was used sparingly enough not to create the alarming overmayonation we so often see in these situations, and the salad was reasonably crisp and fresh.

However, the age-old problem which afflicts all 'club'-style sandwiches was not absent in this case either… The extra slice of bread in the middle of the sandwich made the balance of textures too doughy overall - and, being surround by filling on both sides instead of just on one side, this central slice of bread (as so often happens) became soggy and unappetising.  Unfortunately, this means that an otherwise excellent sandwich was ruined by an over prevalence of damp bread, and that I would not in fact buy this sandwich again.

I am still waiting to experience the a sandwich where the three-slice 'club sandwich' concept is executed effectively - but I am beginning to despair of this ever actually happening.

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