Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Sandwich review: Double Gloucester Cheese & Ale Chutney by Delicious (at Boots)

The official description for this sandwich is:
"Double Gloucester cheese with ale chutney and mixed salad leaves on malted bread"
A rare occasion of a vegetarian sandwich being sized up today.  The use of Double Gloucester cheese intrigued me, as most sandwich recipes stick fairly rigidly to using only bland Cheddar, no matter how inventive or off-the-wall the rest of the filling ingredients may be!

In this case, the Double Gloucester cheese was a delight, and had a strong enough flavour to carry the entire sandwich on its own merit as the main ingredient in the filling.  My only criticism is that it was presented as grated cheese, rather than in slices - this would not normally be an issue, but when it comes to eating a sandwich in the car grated cheese is much harder to control as it has so many more individual elements, and you can end up with tiny cheese shavings getting everywhere.  This small gripe aside, however, the cheese was very enjoyable.

The ale chutney was also pleasantly flavoursome.  I am fairly used to these things being mere shadows of what they promise to be, but in this instance the chutney did live up to its billing rather well - it had all all the sweet, tangy fruitiness essential to a chutney, but you could definitely taste the flavour of a good British ale in there as well.  It was a well-balanced accompaniment to the cheese, and made for a well-rounded sandwich recipe overall.

The mixed salad leaves were a little wilted and flavourless, but even this was not sufficient to put me off saying that I was left impressed by this sandwich, and I would definitely buy it again.

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