Monday, 25 January 2016

Sandwich review: Aberdeen Angus Beef, Red Onion Chutney & Mustard by M&S

The official description for this sandwich is –
"Aberdeen Angus beef, red onion chutney & mustard on soft white farmhouse bread"
An interesting and bold recipe choice from this premier Marks & Spencer sandwich.  What I will firstly say is that quality of the ingredients is very high, which instantly makes for an enjoyable sandwich experience, and really makes you feel like you are eating quality.

I was unsure, if I am honest, about how the combination of red onion chutney – which is traditionally quite sweet – and mustard would play out as a backdrop for Aberdeen Angus beef.  I would have expected a sweet onion chutney to be paired with something like a strong, tangy cheese, perhaps.  Mustard was an unusual choice.

It worked better than I expected it would, as an overall recipe.  But I don't feel it really grabbed me.  It was fine – but it didn't sparkle.  I think the jury's still out on this recipe, so I would buy this sandwich again to give it another chance, but unless I become a late convert to the idea I think maybe red onion chutney and mustard in one sandwich is possibly an innovative combination too far for Marks & Spencer.

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Rory said...

But mustard is a traditional accompaniment to roast beef, so you'd expect it to put in an appearance. It's the chutney that should go!

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