Monday, 17 February 2014

Innocent until proven guilt-free

D'you know what I really hate?  OK, one of the things I really hate...

The sanctimonious branding of 'healthy' foods telling you that you don't need to feel guilty about eating this.  It annoys me that the people at these companies assume that I would feel guilty about that.

These are actually very tasty.
It's just the use of the phrase 'guilt-free snacking' on the packet to which I object.

I'm an adult, and I choose what I want to eat and drink.  Sometimes I eat healthily; other times I - knowingly - eat very unhealthily.  But always it's my choice to eat the food that I do...  So why would I feel 'guilty' about that?

I understand that a lot of these companies' marketing hinges on making people feel like that should be feeling guilty about the foods they have freely chosen to eat, but I'm not going to let anyone make me feel bad about eating good food.


Giles said...

I have no idea how white chocolate biscuits could possibly be "healthy", nor how "125 calories" (per bite?!) makes it magically beneficial. Unless you're starving and dying of hypothermia, then the more calories the better. Marketing is, mostly, garbage!!

JerseySjov said...

there's the idea that women who eat "bad" foods should feel bad about themselves. if your place of work does cake on people's birthdays take a listen to what the girls say. "oh i shouldn't... well i guess i went to the gym yesterday so i can have a piece... give me a teeeeeeny slice, i dont want a lot of frosting"
also, marketing a product as "guilt-free" means the consumer gets the mental connections of health and wellness, "good" food, without actually getting a product that is low in fat, calories, sugar, etc.
if someone chooses to eat cookies instead of strawberries because nobody writes "guilt-free" on the berries, they probably have bigger issues to work out than their hunger.

Kim Smith said...

When it comes to chocolates i love to crave and its either white or black chocolates.

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