Monday, 25 April 2011

D'you know what really parks me up the wall?

This is most infuriating...

I drive to the shop, and turn into the carpark, to see only a few spaces remaining...  I find somewhere to park, but the person who's parked in the next space along unbelievable halfwit who can't manage to place his Renault Clio in the generously spacious gap between two easy-to-spot white lines on the ground...

As a result, I also have to park taking up more than one space, because this moron's cretinous parking is forcing me over too much to fit just in the space I selected...  I'd love to go and find another space, without all these problems, but the shop and its carpark are very busy today, and there aren't many others to choose from...

All-in-all, the situation looks a bit like this -

Then, no sooner have I locked the car, and walked away (hiding my face as best I can, deeply ashamed of my parking, but knowing there's very little I can do about it!) the guy in the car to my left comes and puts his shopping in the boot, and drives off, leaving everyone else thinking that I'm the idiot who can't park a car properly!

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