Wednesday, 6 April 2011

This item is not suitable for Tumblr driers

I'm rather afraid to say, Tumblr annoys me no end!

Some people spend hours and hours on Tumblr, posting things…  Mostly it is something "funny" (the inverted commas here are crucial) and it has been "reblogged" from a hundred other Tumblr users who all saw it, sniggered, and decided to post it on their profiles too…  The result being that the same "funny" posts (again, please note the inverted commas) appear on many different people's Tumblr pages…

But that's fine…  If you want to spend your time re-telling other people's jokes, please, be my guest!

What's not so fine is when people link their Tumblr to their Twitter, or their Facebook…  Every Tumblr post is automatically added to Facebook and Twitter, with a link, and it clogs up the feed…  People are posting genuine Tweets, and Facebook Status updates, but they get lost amidst a sea of Tumblr posts…

And yes, I realise that I, too, have things which post automatically to Facebook, and to Twitter, which some people may not be interested in - but these are things like my 365 Project or Dailybooth (and this Blog, actually) which is a mere one or two posts a day, and can easily be ignored…  Some of these Tumblr people are posting ten or twenty things every hour, for hours on end - it is a bit different!

Seriously - if I wanted to see all that stuff, I'd follow you on Tumblr!!  But I don't…

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