Sunday, 29 June 2014

#F1 - more manufactured drama

Further plans are afoot to 'make Formula 1 more exciting' - which is, of course, ridiculous.

The latest proposals to introduce standing starts after Safety Car periods, and to fit titanium 'skid blocks' (designed to create more sparks when they make contact with the track surface) to the floors of the cars are just the latest in the long-running 'Hollywood-isation' of the F1 which sees it constantly moving further and further away from a true sporting contest, and more and more towards a scripted, artificial farce.

I have written before about how nonsensical it is to try and manufacture 'excitement', and about how we are in danger of allowing this to detract from what Formula 1 should really be all about (ie. driver skill and engineering prowess).  The real excitement in sport comes from its unpredictability - not knowing how the event will pan out when competitors are pushing themselves and each other to the absolute limits.

Yes, creating extra sparks and extra crashes and extra controversy will be 'more dramatic' - but it will also be totally artificial, and not a true reflection of events on track.  At this rate, the FIA may as well also hire in a special effects team to create CGI gunfire and explosions and a pit-lane invasion of orcs from Lord Of The Rings.  That would be exciting, wouldn't it?!

"This ought to liven up the final round of pitstops!"
Personally, I would much rather watch a so-called 'boring' race which is real, than one which has been 'created for my entertainment' like some sort of motorsport version of Made In Chelsea.  I sincerely hope that these latest ideas end up on the same scrapheap as the terrible 'artificial rain' sprinklers concept from a few years back - where, if there's any justice in the world, this season's awful 'double points in Abu Dhabi' debacle will also eventually find itself.

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