Thursday, 12 June 2014

Sandwich review: Salt Beef, Cheddar & Piccalilli from deli2go

The official description of this sandwich is -
Salt beef, mild Cheddar cheese, piccalilli, lettuce and free range mayonnaise on onion bread
This sandwich was an interesting balance of flavours.  I think, in many ways, deli2go have tried to be too clever here, and some of the tastes simply don't come through - the 'onion bread', for example, added very little which couldn't have been achieved with ordinary wholemeal bread.  However, for those flavours which did announce themselves, nothing was overpowering, and the overall effect was very pleasant.

Despite containing mayonnaise, this was kept to a sensible quantity, and the sandwich was mercifully not overmayonnated.  The salt beef had a nice flavour to it, and the piccalilli was sweet and tangy, and balanced well with the salt beef.  As ever, I would've preferred a stronger cheese, instead of the rather too popular mild Cheddar, but one cannot have everything.

On the whole, I enjoyed this sandwich, and thought the concept, if a little cluttered, still managed to work well as a recipe.

I would buy this sandwich again.

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