Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Eton Mess

Already one of the more baffling news stories this week is the Berwick busker who has shot to infamy playing his ukulele during David Cameron's walkabout in the town, singing 'f*** off back to Eton!'

Obviously, this is an unnecessarily rude and personal attack on any politician, as anyone but a less-than-halfwit can see.  But it also makes very little sense.  Eton is the school David Cameron went to; this chap is telling the Prime Minister – who is almost fifty years old – to go back to school.  Why?  It is a vapid, meaningless slur against the Prime Minister, singling out one of least important things about him – something over which he almost certainly had no control himself (how many children choose for themselves which school to go to, independent of their parents' influence?).

Why the Daily Mirror (amongst others) feels the need to give the inane babblings of this busking buffoon the oxygen of publicity is completely beyond me.  Aren't there any actual news stories they could be reporting?

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