Friday, 24 April 2015

Sandwich review: URBANeat Feta & Roasted Vegetables on Red Pepper Bread

The official description for this sandwich is:
Roasted vegetables with sunblushed red pepper mayonnaise, Greek Feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and spinach on red pepper bread.
This is URBANeat's 'Monthly Special' offering, and is something a little off-the-beaten-track when it comes to sandwiches.  Overall, however, I enjoyed this sandwich – it is an interesting recipe, and it's been generally well-executed.

There are a variety of flavours at work, here, but they all compliment each other nicely, and the filling works well as a whole package.  The only disappointing elements were the promised Kalamata olives – I didn't spot any – and the red pepper bread, which had very little flavour to it and was almost indistinguishable from ordinary bread – as is so often the case with 'speciality' breads in these kinds of situations.

Nevertheless, I did enjoy this sandwich, and I am very pleased to see established brands like URBANeat branching out, pushing the boundaries and trying new things.

I would buy this sandwich again.

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