Thursday, 9 April 2015

Sandwich review: Tesco finest* Wiltshire Cured Ham Hock and Extra Mature Cheddar

The official description for this sandwich is:
White bread with oat and barley, Ham Hock, West Country extra mature cheddar cheese, onion and ale chutney, free range egg mayonnaise and mixed leaf.
Tesco have really pulled off something special here.  The balance of flavours and the quality of the ingredients is very impressive.  The strength of the cheese in sandwiches has been a particular bugbear of mine recently, as I always feel companies err on the side of caution and make their cheeses too mild – thankfully, Tesco are using extra mature cheddar here, and the flavour does actually come through in the sandwich.  The mix of the cheddar and the 'tangy onion and ale chutney' is perfect.

Overall, this is fantastic sandwich – the concept is a simple, elegant recipe, but it has been extremely well executed, and I can't commend Tesco enough on this effort.

I would buy this sandwich again.

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